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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Cultural Resources

Prehistoric Archaeological Resources. The Maine Historic Preservation Commission has identified the Northwest River, the shores of Peabody Pond, and the shores and islands of Sebago Lake as areas that may be sensitive for encountering prehistoric archaeological sites (see map of archaeologically sensitive areas at the end of this Plan).  This assessment is based on the existence of known sites in these areas and the presence of terrain that is similar to the known sites.

Under both state and federal law, the exact location of archaeological sites is kept confidential, to limit potential vandalism and looting.  However, the state is willing to review development plans in order to advise municipal authorities if a significant or potentially significant site might be affected by the proposal.

Historic Archaeological Resources. No professional archaeological survey for historic archaeological sites has been conducted to date in Sebago.  The Maine historic Preservation Commission suggests that future fieldwork focus on sites relating to the earliest Anglo-American settlement of the town, which began in the late eighteenth century.  Such areas would include Sebago Center, East Sebago, Dyke Mountain, Douglas Mountain, Beech Hill, Convene and Hogfat Hill.  Potential sites from the early to mid-nineteenth century would be North Sebago, Peaked Mountain, Jim Shaw Hill (Kimball Corner Road), Brown’s Pond, Tiger Hill, and Mack’s Corner.

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission (MHPC) has identified one historic archaeological site in Sebago: ME-386-001, Corsairs, World War II, American crash of an airplane.

There are several additional potential sites. The remains of Folly Flume, which probably was used in logging operations, are located on the Folly Road, at the Northwest River.  The old rock abutments are visible at this location.  Part of an old mill remains, across from the Town Garage in Sebago Center.  

Historic Buildings, Structures and Objects. No comprehensive survey of historic resources has been performed in Sebago.  The Maine Preservation Commission recommends that any such survey concentrate on identifying properties that may be eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.  To be eligible, a property generally must be over 50 years old, and be associated with a person, event, or architectural style that is significant at the local, state, or national level. According to MHPC, Fitch’s General Store and House, located on Long Hill Road, is on the National Register of Historic Places.


                        The Brick School House, built 1830 or 1836
                        Route 107, south of Sebago Center
                        Still standing

                        Still standing, now a residence

                        Probably on Route. 107, opposite Peabody Pond Road
                        No buildings remain

                        Hillside on Route 107
                        Still standing, now a residence

                        Douglas Hill Road, almost opposite Tower Road
                        No buildings remain

                        East Sebago
                        Still standing, now a residence

                        North Sebago on Route 114
                        Still standing, now a residence

                        Folly Road
                        No buildings remain

                        Peaked Mountain Road


Name                                            Location

Sebago Cemetery                                 Hancock Pond Rd
Babb Yard                                       Hancock Pond Rd
Brown Cemetery                                  Backnippin Road by Brown’s Pond
Boulter Yard                                    Poor’s Hill across from Axtman’s
Poor’s Hill Cemetery                            Hillside, just past Swamp Road on Route 107
Poor Cemetery                                   Poor’s Hill on the right side Kipikas’s house off Route 107
Hill Stone                                      Close to Peabody Pond Road on Route 107
Peabody Pond Road Yard                          Beyond the old Town Farm on Route 107
Kenison Yard                                    Folly Road
Sanborn Cemetery                                Right side of Barnes Mountain Road off the Sandy Beach Road
Blake-Thorn Yard                                Left side of Barnes Mountain Road off the Sandy Beach Road
Single stone on left of Peaked Mountain Rd              Behind former John Douglass home
Poor Cemetery                                   Sebago Center
Pike Yard                                       Left side of Allen Road off the Convene Road
Davis-Haley Yard                                Convene Road leading in is on Sprague property
Convene Cemetery                                Corner of Hog Fat Hill Road and Convene Roads
Dyer Cemetery                                   Convene on Winaco Road beyond main building on left
Brown Cemetery                                  Hog Fat Hill Road in back of Crawford’s house
Jewell Yard                                     Halfway up Hog Fat Hill on right side of the road
Fogg Cemetery                                   Convene Road on left beyond the Fogg Home-before Haley Cemetery
Haley Cemetery                                  Convene Road past Historical Society Building
Wentworth Cemetery                              Robinson Hill Road, not visible from road
Ridlon Yard                                     Dyke Mountain Road on Sebago line to Baldwin
Winn Cemetery                                   Tower Road across from the house at the top of the hill
Dike Cemetery                                   Dike Mountain
Cemetery on Douglas Hill                                On Orchard Road
Martin Home Cemetery                            Behind former Emory Martin’s house
Fitch Yard                                      Sebago Center, Route 107 by Red Brick School House
McDonald-Witham Yard                            Mac’s Corner by Ted Greene’s
Old Wentworth Cemetery                          Decker Mountain
Martin Yard                                     Hall Field by Chester Martin
Davis Yard                                      By Lindley Decker’s on Long Hill Road
Whitten Field                                   Sebago & Baldwin across from Lindley Decker’s on Long Hill Road
White Cemetery                                  Left off Long Hill Road below the Transfer Station
Fitch Yard                                      Across from Fitch’s Store (Long Hill Road)
Harmon                                          Family property of Merle and Beverly Harmon in East Sebago
Fitch Cemetery                                  East Sebago, back of library on Route 114
Spaulding Mausoleum                             Rockcraft Lodge estate grounds in East Sebago
Murch-Hill Yard                                 East Sebago behind Coleman’s on Route 114
Ward Cemetery                                   Anderson Road
Lakeside Cemetery                               North Sebago
Staples-Ward Yard                               Intersection of Kimball Corner Road and the Burnell Road
Woodside Farm Cemetery                          Allen Road
Dearborn Home Cemetery                          Route 114, behind Walter Dearborn House

List provided by the Sebago Cemetery Committee

The parts of town most likely to have significant structures include Douglas Mountain, Sebago Center, the area near the old Fitch’s store, and the cottage communities on Sebago Lake.  Several of the ten school buildings that are known to have existed in town (Table A-12) are still standing; these structures are of potential interest.  In addition, there are numerous private cemeteries throughout town (Table A-13) which may have gravestones that are of historic interest.

Recreational Facilities and Programs


Sebago Town Hall serves as a center for community recreational activities year-round.  It features an indoor basketball court, an auditorium with a stage, a kitchen and dining area and an outdoor sledding hill.  At Sebago Elementary School there is a playground, two softball fields, one soccer field and two half-court basketball courts.  The Spaulding Library has over 8000 volumes, subscribes to many periodicals and participates in the Portland Public Library inter-library loan program.

Town recreational activities generally are sponsored by private, non-profit volunteer organizations, in some cases with partial Town funding.  Sponsoring organizations include the Lions Club, the Volunteer Firemen’s Organization, the Friends of Spaulding Library, the Sebago Elementary School Parent-Teacher Club, the Maple Grove Grange, the Sebago Youth Athletic Association, and the Red Cross.  The Sebago Branchduckers Snowmobile Club maintains snowmobile trails, working in conjunction with the Fire and Rescue units.

There is parking at the end of Douglas Mountain Road for hikers wishing to access the Douglas Mountain hiking trails.


There are two private summer camps in Sebago: Camp O-AT-KA, an all-boys’ camp, and Camp Micah on Peabody Pond Camp.  Both camps have such facilities as tennis courts, ball fields, and beach areas for swimming and boating.

Other private facilities include Nason’s Beach Campground on Sebago Lake and the Jones Glass Museum on Douglas Mountain Road.

Open Space Areas

The Town of Sebago owns a 169 acre preserve on Douglas Mountain (deeded to the town in 1996 by the Nature conservancy) which features walking trails and a scenic overlook.  The preserve was visited by over 50 percent of the 1989 survey respondents.  In the year 2000 survey, respondents expressed strong support for continued, protective stewardship of the preserve by the Town. The preserve is not threatened by development pressures or other factors.

Hunting and Fishing Areas

The area between Kimball Corner Road and Route 107, including the Folly/Hillside area, is an important hunting and trapping area.

Sebago Lake has some of the best cold and warm water fishing in southern Maine.  Peabody Pond has salmon and trout fishing, and Hancock Pond contains brown trout.

Access to Water Bodies


The Sebago Town Beach and boat landing are located at the mouth of the Northwest River in East Sebago.  The Town also maintains a boat ramp at Peabody Pond. Use of the Town Beach is limited to Sebago residents, taxpayers and their guests.  


The Long Beach Marina, Round Table Lodge, Sebago Lake Marina, and Nason’s Beach provide access to Sebago Lake.

Scenic Resources

The town’s steep hills, numerous water bodies and forests interspersed with farmland create a diverse visual environment.  The most prominent view is from the top of Douglas Mountain, the highest point in town.  Others include the view across Sebago Lake from Route 114, the top of Peaked Mountain Road, descending Route 107 toward Town Hall, and the view of the White Mountains from Orchard Road.

Sebago is composed of several small villages, rather than a single dominant town center.  Each of these areas has its own distinct character.  The densely populated summer cottage communities along Sebago Lake contrast with the rural interior of the town.