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Affordable Housing

Assuring housing opportunities for Sebago residents of all ages and economic levels will be a major challenge for the next decade. As is common in resort areas, housing prices are high, and availability of units is low. Older home-owners on fixed incomes and younger residents with relatively low-paying entry-level jobs are two groups who often have problems with housing affordability and availability. Increasing energy costs and taxes are typical of the difficulties faced by older homeowners. Lack of affordable year-round rental units creates problems for the young families. In a town without public water or sewer, large minimum lot sizes are necessary for public health reasons. In formulating a land use ordinance, research into land development and housing patterns that permit the creation of housing that meets the needs of individuals of all ages, incomes and family types while meeting environmental and public health concerns will be a priority. Creative methods for expanding the types of housing stock and availability of year-round rental units such as accessory apartments should be examined for their feasibility.
Goals:  1.   To encourage and promote affordable, decent housing opportunities for all citizens of Sebago.
2.      Permit the creation of housing that meets the needs of individuals of all ages, income and family       types, while addressing environmental and public health and safety concerns.


1.      Affordable housing actions. Take steps to provide affordable housing opportunities for Sebago residents.

A.      Accessory apartments.  In growth districts, allow accessory apartments of up to 600 square feet without an increase in the minimum lot size requirement.
B.      Multi-family homes.   Allow for the conversion of larger, single-family homes on conforming lots to multi-family homes in growth areas, with minimal additional lot area provided that structural character is maintained, and septic systems are adequate for increased flows.

C.      Education and information.  Designate the town office as an information center relative to existing affordable housing and organizations and agencies that provide housing assistance for qualified families.

D.      Housing Committee.  Establish a housing committee or designate another committee to monitor the availability of affordable housing opportunities in Sebago and recommend actions the Town can take, if any, to support the availability of such housing.
E.       Affordable housing density bonus. Consider a density bonus for affordable units in proposed subdivisions, particularly in growth areas.

F.      Individual mobile homes. manufactured housing. Continue to allow individual mobile homes and manufactured housing throughout the community.

G.      Mobile home parks.  Allow mobile home parks in the Village District (see page 23) and include mobile home park standards in a Land Use Ordinance.

Planning Board/Town/

Planning Board/Town/

Board of Selectmen/ 2006 and Ongoing

Board of Selectmen/ 2007

Planning Board/2006


2.      Elderly housing. Help older citizens to maintain and stay in their homes.

A.      Elderly housing facilities. In growth areas, allow for elderly housing facilities, such as residential and assisted care housing.

B.      Elderly support services. Continue to support organizations that allow elderly persons to remain in their own home.



3.      Local review. Provide for regulation of new housing construction and conversions.

A.      Inspection.  Continue to require inspection and issuance of an occupancy permit for new construction and add a requirement for conversions.

Planning Board/Town/2007