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Sebago School District Committee Minutes 04-05-18
Sebago School District
School Committee
Minutes of Meeting
April 5, 2018
Sebago Elementary School

1.      Call to order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by Tina Vanasse, Chair, at 7:07 pm

Members of the Sebago School Committee present:
        Joe McMahon
        Tina Vanasse
        Wendy Newcomb
Guests present:
        Dr. Mark Eastman
        Allen Crabtree
Phil Lowe
Claudia Lowe
Mabel Olden
Dorothy O’Donnell
Lisa Johnson
Amanda Hawkes
Michael Hawkes
David Sheldrick
Anne Mc Mahon
Sue Newton
Doug Newton
Deborah Howard
Jock MacGregor
Norma Sicotte
Karen Moore
Dave McCarthey
Deb Howard
Grove Newcomb

2.      Pledge of Allegiance

3.      Introduction of Committee Members and Guests
4.      Minutes of last meeting

Joe McMahon made a motion approve the minutes from the March 15, 2018 meeting as read.  2nd by Wendy Newcomb.  Minutes approved.  Allen Crabtree thanked Anne McMahon for taking notes while he was absent from the March 15 meeting.

5.      Public Comments

There were none

6.      Reports from Advisory Committees

Deb Howard reported on the status of the Advisory Committees for Operations.

Phil Lowe had an update on the Finance Advisory Committee.  Phil Lowe also noted that the Town would like budget numbers from the SAU to incorporate in the town budget this spring.  There was discussion about dates for the SAU public hearing and referendum on the new school budget, and that it would be desirable to have both events on the same night.  It would be most efficient if the SAU budget could be presented to the town and then incorporated in the June Town meeting.  It might not be possible to have a separate SAU public hearing on the school budget this year.

Tina Vanasse asked if the SAU budget could have two components – one for running the SES and the other for the voucher costs for middle and high school students.  This would be difficult to do but is a desirable goal.

Phil Lowe made a comment about the Town CIP and UFB process, and how it would be desirable to have a parallel SAU process for capital improvements.  Dave McCarthy commented on the warrant process.

Joe McMahon gave an update for the Technology Advisory Committee and there was discussion on the cost of computers and software.

The report of the Curriculum Advisory Committee was given at the last Committee meeting.

7.      Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Eastman said that the new Superintendent would need a temporary work space, preferably at the Town offices, until July.  The space could not be provided at the SES while Sebago is still part of MSAD61.  The Superintendent would need a phone, file cabinet and computer.  A secretary would also be needed for two or three days a week on a part time basis to support the Superintendent.  Dr. Eastman has contacted the town and Lisa Johnson will follow up with the Town Clerk.

MSAD61 has received funds from the state that were not anticipated and will be disbursing this “windfall” to each town.  Sebago will receive $6,055.25, which will be allocated in next year’s SAU budget.

To this point we have spent or encumbered approximately $6,000 of the $25,000 in transition funds from the Town.

Dr. Eastman thanked the Superintendent Search Committee for spending many hours reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates for the Sebago SAU Superintendent.    Doug Newton wanted to know when the Superintendent would be hired.  Dr. Eastman said the plan was to do that at tonight’s meeting.

8.  Consent Agenda

There were no items on the agenda.

9.  Adjustments to the Agenda

There were none.

10.  Old Business

There was discussion insurance.  A bid has been received from MSMA for $13,549 in premiums annually.  Other insurance companies mentioned that might be approached for bids included Clark, Cross, and possibly Chalmers (who carries MSAD61 insurance.)

11.  New Business

Dr. Eastman updated the Committee on General Purpose Aid.  This is state aid, and the numbers have not yet been determined.  It is a variable number.

Joe McMahon made a motion to enter Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the employment of a part-time Superintendent, pursuant to 1 MRS § 405(6)(A). Wendy Newcomb 2nd the motion.  The Committee went into Executive Session at 8:00 p.m., and came out of Executive Session at 8:08 p.m.  No actions were taken in Executive Session.

Tina Vanasse made a motion to extend an offer of employment as Sebago SAU’s part-time Superintendent to Marc Gendron.  Joe McMahon 2nd the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.  Marc Gendron was introduced to the meeting and accepted the offer of employment.  He lives in Biddeford and has extensive experience in the education field and was most recently Superintendent of MSAD 20 at Fort Fairfield.  He addressed the meeting and was very positive and optimistic about the new Sebago SAU and looks forward to working with Sebago on this important step for the community and its school children.

12.  Communications

Tina Vanasse read a letter from Berry, Talbot and Royer accepting our request to be the Sebago SAU’s accounting firm.

13.     Adjourn

The meeting of the Committee concluded at 8:17 p.m.  following a motion by Joe McMahon and 2nd by Wendy Newcomb, and approved by the Committee.

  • The next Committee meeting was scheduled for Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7pm at Sebago Elementary School.