Town Manager

The Duties and the Responsibilities of the Town Manager:

  • The Town Manager is the chief administrative officer in managing the affairs of the Town of Sebago under the direction of the Board of Selectmen in keeping with Town policies, ordinances, and the laws of the State of Maine and of the United States of America.
  • The town manager identifies the service and policy needs of the Town of Sebago and has the responsibility for the development of the program or action directed by the Board of Selectmen to meet the identified needs of the community. The manager acts in such capacity as the Board of Selectmen may direct on municipal, state, federal, and other policy issues affecting the Town.
  • The town manager is responsible for the annual preparation of the proposed budget and the administration of the budget once adopted. The manager is also responsible for developing administrative procedures and for ensuring adherence to these procedures by all departments and employees.
  • The town manager is charged with the responsibility of advising the Board and general public on the current status of all affairs of the Town and is responsible for preparing an annual report of the previous year's activities.
  • The town manager is responsible for the maintenance of sound, positive public relations between the Town and its citizens; between the Town of Sebago and other governmental agencies and between the various boards and commissions that make up Sebago Town government.
  • The town manager works under the general guidance and direction of the Board of Selectmen and performs duties as directed by the Town Board of Selectmen.
  • The town manager supervises the work of the Clerk-Treasurer, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, Clerical Assistant, Code Enforcement Officer, Fire Chief, Public Works Director, Rescue Chief, Transfer Station Attendant, Beach Attendant, Animal Control Officer, and contracted workers such as the Assessor’s Assistant, General Assistance Administrator, and Health Officer.

The Town Manager:

  • Carries out the directives of the Town Board of Selectmen; prepares reports and written recommendations as partof these activities.
  • Attends meetings of the Town Board, preparing and providing supporting documents and information pertinent to agenda items.
  • Serves as Personnel Director for the Town; hires, evaluates and directs the Town's staff as outlined in Town policies.
  • Monitors the budget and all financial affairs of the Town; works closely with department heads in the development of a comprehensive budget and work program.
  • Administers the yearly operating budget and capital improvement budgets, submitting regular reports to the Board on the status of the Town's budgets.
  • Responsible for implementing all Board policy decisions and providing staff in all departments with the clear and efficient operating procedures necessary to carry out Board policy mandates.
  • Serves as the Town's purchasing agent.
  • Attends meetings and conventions on behalf of the Town.
  • Serves as liaison between the Town Board and various public and private agencies, businesses, and the citizens of Sebago.
  • Represents the Town to a variety of outside organizations including, but not limited to, the Greater Portland Council of Governments, the Cumberland County Town and City Managers' Association, the Maine Town and City Management Association, the International City Management Association, and the Maine Municipal Association.
  • Performs other related work as may be required and or assigned.

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